Becoming a Volunteer:

Our hiring process consists of several steps that either are pass/fail, or scored for overall consideration and ranking at the end of the testing process.

Top candidates from the testing process will be recommended to the Fire Chief for conditional hire.

Those candidates will then be given a date and time for a Chief’s interview where the Fire Chief will make a final decision of whether or not to offer the applicant a conditional offer of volunteer employment.

Those who receive a conditional offer will then be scheduled to complete a Background Interview, Psychological Interview and a series of in depth physicals. These interviews and physicals are pass/fail.

Those who complete and pass all interviews and physicals will then be given a final offer of volunteer employment with Boulder Rural Fire Rescue.

Once You’re Hired as a Volunteer:

Once a final offer of volunteer employment is received and accepted, the applicant will become an official member of the Boulder Rural team. The first year for a new member, also know as the probationary year, is very strenuous and time consuming. The department will invest a lot of time and money into the new member to assure that he/she gets all of the necessary training to succeed within the department and in their new career path.


Firefighter I academy:

The new member will be placed in an 11 week, 160 hour Firefighter 1 academy that will take place two evenings per week, from 06:00 PM to 10:00 PM, as well as every Saturday from 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM.

New members are expected to attend every session of the academy; exceptions are rare but can be accommodated via permission of the Boulder Rural Training Officer on as-needed basis.

EMS refresher academy:

Once academy is complete, the new member is placed into a two-week EMS refresher academy that will take place three nights a week from 06:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

While going through the Firefighter 1 and EMS academy the new member will also be expected to work two 12-hour shifts a month as opposed to the regular four 12-hour shifts a month.

During this time period the new member will also be expected to complete an EMS Task book, demonstrating that the member is proficient in their EMS skills.

Mentorship program:

After the Firefighter 1 academy and EMS academy are completed, the new member will be assigned a mentor and will begin an 8 month long mentorship program. This program will require additional hours beyond the four 12-hour shifts per month as the new member will be expected to meet his/her mentor off duty.   The mentorship program is designed to reinforce the newly acquired foundational skills, as well as expanding and demonstrating proficiency in new skill sets beyond the Firefighter 1 Academy. The hours spent with your mentor will be scheduled at your convenience. You can expect to schedule about four hours a week that are off duty to meet with your mentor.

During the first year the new member will also be required to attend a S-130/190 Wildland Fire training course. All required trainings and equipment will be provided by the department at no cost to the member.

Members are encouraged to seek higher levels of certifications and training in different fields of Fire, Rescue and EMS as their time with the department goes on.