2012 IFC Cover

2012 IFC Cover

Fire Code Revision Process

The district is in the process of revising its adopted fire code to be based upon the 2015 International Fire Code (IFC). The board has adopted the amendments suggested by the Boulder County Fire Code Review Committee.  The code has been submitted to the Boulder County Commissioners for ratification.

The new code includes new chapters on alcoholic beverage production facilities, marijuana grow facilities, and marijuana extraction operations.  It will also align with the current Boulder County Building Code and Land Use Code.  For most residences, there are no major changes.

Current Code

Boulder Rural has adopted the 2012 International Fire Code (IFC), with amendments to accommodate our unique suburban, rural, and wild land/urban interface environment.  We also harmonize our code with the Boulder County Land Use Code and the Boulder County Building Code.

If you would like to examine a copy of the adopted code, please contact Deputy Chief Jeff Webb at 303-530-9575 x 103.

Fee Schedule

The Board of Directors has set the following fee schedule for inspections and permits.

Fee Schedule Table 2015